Making Liposomal Vitamin C

Making Liposomal Vitamin C
This video is about how I made liposomal vitamin C. This product is used to get vitamin c into your blood and cells without getting the diahrrea associated with multi-gram doses of C.
It is said that 6 grams or about an ounce of this stuff is equal as a 50 gram IV of C in your vein.
So what’s the big deal with vitamin C?.. You will need to research for yourself to come up with that answer.. but the list is long.. dating back to 1949 when a doctor Klenner “cured” 60 out of 60 polio victims with C and got ignored when he gave a talk about it at the AMA convention. They were more interested in how to sell and setup iron lung machines that day.
Dr. Thomas Levy who is both a doctor (cardioligist) and a lawyer.. has made it his life’s work to research and publish in as many ways as he can think of to spread the word about C. Get his book called “Curing the Incurable”.
He has written books on Calcium also and how we should NOT be supplementing with it. His latest book is “The Toxic Tooth” about how our root canal teeth and old extractions along with metal fillings are poisoning us.
If you have been diagnosed with G6PD Deficency (rare).. You will not want to take MEGA .. doses..
If you are toxic and take some of this, it might make you feel bad while the toxins are coming out of you.
This is a page that I just found that has the recipe that I used accept I used buffered vitamin C. Sodium Ascorbate instead of ascrobic acid.
Here is another good page with some info on it.

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