How to Get Real Glowing Skin: Vitamin C+Water

How to Get Real Glowing Skin: Vitamin C+Water
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I apologize for the harshness of my skin from last week’s video but my skin looks a ton better! As I said, looking pretty is not what you can expect ASAP after having a dermaroller session done. Also I need a hair cut. I’m growing my hair back out to get my hairline even due to the fact my hairline is way too high thanks my barbers.

Also notice I didn’t wear any moisturizer in that video and I did this on purpose just to show you what you can expect after doing a dermaroller session. Keeping your skin moisturized makes a huge difference.

What can you really expect after doing a dermaroller session? There will be some dryness of the skin, redness, and darkening (rough patches) in areas you microneedled. Also peeling or micro exfoliation depending on what products you decide to use after using your Derma roller. Don’t expect for your skin to look good ASAP after using any dermaroller. You may look like shit

I only recommend you do this on your own accord

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