BEST Vitamin C Serum (improved – 20x effective) – DIY Homemade

BEST Vitamin C Serum (improved – 20x effective) – DIY Homemade
I cover ALL the aspects: the science behind it, the making of the serum, the application and FAQ about the Vitamin C Serum.

In this video I want to show you how to make a homemade Vitamin C Serum with 3 ingredients that will make it 20 times more efficient than any other homemade Vitamin C Serum out there.

All the information in this video has been verified by years of research by many scientists. My goal is to inform people and stop the misinformation about the Vitamin C Serum.

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US units example (other examples in website)

4oz 12% Vitamin C Serum
(recommended for every day facial use)
– 2.5tsp Vitamin C (12%)
– 1/5tsp Zinc (1%)
– 1tsp Tyrosine (5%)
– 2.8oz Water (or 1/4cup + 1tbsp + 1tsp or just fill up the bottle up to the 4oz mark once you’ve poured the ingredients)

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